As of August 6th, 2015 Express XRF Analysis will be relocated from Bakersfield, CA to Turlock, CA. Our new address is:

Express XRF Analysis
2930 Geer Rd 131B,
Turlock, CA 95382

Please take note of this address change when sending samples. Our previous address off of Mall View Rd will still be checked on a regular basis as we make this transition, however, if you need a rapid turnaround on your material, sending your samples to the old address will most likely cause a delay in processing.

Company Profile

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Express XRF Analysis serves the needs of businesses and individuals by providing high quality sample identification in a timely fashion. As our family owned and operated business grows we look forward to being able to provide additional services and bring added value to our customers' diverse ventures. Our relationships with our clients are highly important to us and we strive to provide them with personal service and the utmost in privacy.


X-ray fluorescence (XRF) is accomplished when a sample is bombarded by an x-ray beam and the elements within that sample then fluoresce (emit) unique signatures which can be measured by a spectrometer poviding fast and accurate identification. For a more in depth discussion of x-ray fluorescence and how it takes place on an atomic level the following link should be helpful: XRF Explantation. Also, for additional information the following link will take you to the Wikipedia article on x-ray fluorescence: Article.